About Jonah Lavitt
Who Is Jonah Lavitt?

Professional Summary:

- Love & Dating Expert
- Award-Winning Speaker
- Transformational Coach, with International Clientele
- International Best-Selling Author (in 4 countries), with 7 Books
- Recipient of the 2018 "Relationship Expert" Award

Credentials, Expanded:

International Best-Selling Author, of the following 7 books:
#1. Her BodyMap: 80 Ways Your Girlfriend Has Never Been Touched (The Affection Encyclopedia)
#2. If You Could Tell (For Men) - Collection of insight for men, from interviewing 113 women
#3. If You Could Tell (For Women) - Collection of insight for women, from interviewing 112 men
#4. Jonah’s “Quick Dating Guide” for Men
#5. Texting From Meet, To Relationship: A Texting & Digital Flirting Guide For The Professional Man
#6. Texting From Meet, To Relationship: A Texting & Digital Flirting Guide For The Professional Woman
#7. Finding Your Forever Love: 4 Keys To Finding & Keeping the Successful Version of Your Ideal Man
#8. (April 2019) Mastering Classy Sexy: A Wardrobe Guide for Intriguing & Compelling the Affluent Man
Featured Author in "13th Grade: Real World 101" by Daniel Hofstein
Featured Author in “Expert Storyteller" by C. Mike Lewis

Credentials, Continued:
* Featured Speaker at Nasdaq MarketSite in Times Square.
* Featured Speaker at The Harvard Club of Boston, and The Harvard Club of New York.
* Shared the stage with Caitlyn Jenner, and also with George Ross.
* Founder & Program Leader of the “Dream Dates On Demand” coaching course for single women.
* Founder & Program Leader of the “Affection & Intimacy Mastery” coaching course for single men.
* Began speaking on stages at age 24.
* Over 100 appearances in front of a camera.
* Completed dozens of interviews, as interviewee and interviewer.
* Founder and Host of a quarterly Professionals Mastermind/Mixer event in Orange County, California.
* Hosted his college campus’ Love & Relationships radio show.
* Bachelors of Science from Eberhardt School of Business, University of the Pacific 2009.
* After graduation, Jonah became a full-time Wedding DJ for the next 5 years; helped couples plan their wedding, and coordinated their ceremony & reception.

* Age 10, Jonah was emotionally abused by his elementary school teacher
* By age 11, doctors concluded, “We fear that due to Jonah’s acute social anxiety, he may never have an intimate relationship with a woman”
* 8 years of clinically diagnosed depression, anxiety, and isolation
* Moved from Chicago to California for a fresh start in college, however, lacked any real social skills
* Went on a personal journey to try to understand how to connect with people, studied “Chemistry”
* Over the last 11 years, Jonah has engaged with over 10,000 people, traded contact information with over 3,400 women, been on 209 First Dates, and been in 6 loving relationships, which proved his doctors wrong
* Due to Jonah moving cities 9 times, he learned how to quickly re-build a new social life, every year
* Jonah has personally coached over 300 men and 300 women over the last 8 years
* Over $100,000+ of his personal money invested into studying the practice of professional coaching

* Today, over 1,000+ people per week reach out to learn more about Jonah’s coaching programs.

To help ethical, educated, introverted professionals find True Love with a professional partner.
To personally assist 100 professionals “Find Their Forever Love” in 2019.

Jonah Sharing His Backstory, at The Harvard Club of Boston:
"One of the world's top consultants on dating and intimacy."
Speakers at NASDAQ:
Elon Musk
Founder of PayPal, SpaceX, & Tesla.
Grant Cardone
"10X Your Business," World's #1 Sales Trainer
Ariana Huffington
Co-Founder of The Huffington Post
Tony Robbins
World-Reknown Motivational Speaker
Jonah Lavitt
International Best-Selling Author, Award-Winning Speaker
Jonah Lavitt Speaking @ Last Year's CIA Mastermind:
"How I Used Credit Card Debt as my Springboard to Faster Success"
Brooke Evans' kind words.
(A 7-Figure Mindset & Performance Coach, for Real Estate Professionals)
"Jonah and I have been to a few masterminds together, and as we mastermind in this network of really, really successful coaches, I always come out mind-blown, and it always happens after I have a discussion with Jonah. 

"He's a very, very 'big picture' guy. 

"He helps me see perspective, he also helps me to really believe in myself, and has given me the pathway and the means to reach the solutions and goals that I have been looking to accomplish.

"The things I've heard that you do for your clients is just incredible, how you help them in the dating world to really help them pursue what they really deserve, and pursue what's best for them. 

"Sometimes we don't even know what's best for us, but Jonah, that's what he does best, he helps you see the best in you, so you can go out there and serve the world at your best. 

"Jonah is just the greatest; I'm there with him, and he's the person I want to sit next to at each of the Masterminds we go to."

~ Brooke Evans
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