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Jonah's Speaking Reel & Kind Words
"I realized it was time to invest in my internal growth"
"I was tired of making the same mistakes"
"Jonah has kept me accountable"
"It was time to invest in myself in a real meaningful way"
(An Attendee from our Mansion Retreat)
"I learned things about myself that I never knew"
"I realized that my perception is not necessarily reality"
"The camaraderie with all the other women was amazing"
"It's allowed me to showcase what I want men to see"
"Making this investment was life changing"
"I wake up happy"
"I feel good about myself when I walk out the door"
"I feel confident that I don't need to go out with someone who doesn't meet my qualifications"
(An Attendee from our Mansion Retreat)
"I feel unstoppable."
"I see it starting, and I see where it's going." 
“I saw the ladies at your event, and wow, I said: She went through the course, and she looks so vibrant.”
“And with the direction I’m headed, I see that it’s possible.”
"Let men compete for you."
(A Snippet from our Weekly Coaching Webinar)
"The transformation in the last couple of weeks..."
“How I look at men has changed,"
"How I feel about myself has completely changed.”
"I've learned how to shut down the negative self-talk."
"I'm seeing a lot of things I've never seen before,"
"... and I'm feeling things I've never felt before."
(A Snippet from our Weekly Coaching Webinar)
“Jonah has been my #1 supporter and motivator, and has had such a positive influence on my life.”
“Jonah has helped me realize that I can achieve anything that I put my mind to, and that I can attract the right type of love into my life, and that I'm worthy of that love.”
“Jonah is the most selfless man that I know. He gives so much.” 
“He always checks in on me to make sure that I am moving forward in the direction of my goals and dreams.”
“I’m not, he goes above and beyond to make sure that I do get right back on track.” 
“I could honestly write a book about how awesome Jonah is.”
“Everybody needs a Jonah in their life and I am so blessed, and beyond grateful, that he is a part of my life.”
“Jonah, you are awesome. Keep rocking it, much love.”
Layla - Fitness & Weight Loss Expert
Jonah Lavitt on Channel 7 TV, Phoenix, AZ
“You are a massive part of my life, one of the greatest things that have happened to me this year, is you.”
“Anybody who's associated with you, it's a privilege, because their lives will never stay the same, just like my life has never stayed the same since meeting you. And you do that to lot of people.”
Kurt ~ Leadership Consultant, Real Estate Coach
"Jonah has a phenomenal story and I just love what he's doing: serving others and changing lives. "
"Jonah really inspired me to see what is achievable."
"He inspired me to see that I could achieve my dreams through serving other people."
Christopher ~ Fitness & Nutrition Expert
“I need to tell you about this man: Jonah Lavitt is the embodiment of transformation.”
“He truly made me feel at home talking to him.”
“He doesn't just make you feel like you're not being judged: Jonah also makes you feel like what you're saying is worth hearing. He makes you feel accepted and worthy, all in one. Wow. You don't find people like that very often.”
“So I feel really, really grateful to have Jonah in my corner now.”
Hannah ~ CEO & BizOwner Mindset Coach
"Blown away by his willingness to help clients."
"I meet a lot of business owners, and the passion that he has to help you get to the next level is not something I see in everyone."
"You're an inspiration for even myself of how I'm going to go on and run my business with my clients."
Julie ~ Business Coach & Sales Psych Expert
"I have so much respect for Jonah, and really admire him as a person, and with what he's doing with his business: He shows up so authentically, serving people; he's changing lives."
"When I met Jonah, I thought, I've seen him online, he's written so many books, spoken at these really big important conferences, but the thing is, is when you actually get the opportunity to meet Jonah, you just know that he genuinely cares. He cares so much about people. He cares so much about the work that he does."
Sheefra ~ Feminine Leadership Coach
"So impressed by what Jonah brought to the table. Not only is he so kind and so humble, but he makes you feel so special. And I watched him just navigate around the room and have these deep connections with everybody. That's a gift. I felt heard, and I felt important."
"His mind works unlike anything I've ever seen, the ideas he's able to come up with and just all of the skills training that he has, he's definitely an entrepreneur to watch."
"If you guys are not familiar with Jonah already, you've got to meet him. He is truly a genius and a king."
Ashley ~ The Entrepreneur's Life Coach
"Jonah's story has always been an inspiration to me. For me to be able to meet him was quite a special opportunity in itself."
"Everyone that talks to him can just feel the love that he has for them. And that's what really, that's really what he's about, his people and helping them."
"He's an absolute master at his craft. Anyone that has the opportunity of working with him is such an opportunity that will literally change your life and bless you."
"What he's done for me already, and the experiences that I was able to have with him, he's pretty incredible. You're gonna love working with that man."
Jaelyne ~ Emotional Wellness Coach
"Your openness, and deep care and thoughtfulness inspire me."
"Jonah is a model for me of what truth and full authenticity will looks like."
"I am truly honored to know this man. Many, many thanks, Jonah."
Lindsey ~ Relationship Transformation Expert
“I really appreciate Jonah’s No BS approach. It felt so refreshing to me, and I really admire his focus and his determination.”
“I look up to Jonah as a mentor, and I look forward to getting to know him better as a close friend.”
Dr. Jonathan ~ Doctor & Acupuncturist
“Jonah's the real deal. He really helps his clients get results. He works with women helping them find loving relationships and professional success. He has a servant's heart. He's put the needs of his clients ahead of himself, and that's the key to his success.”
“He's just spreading love in a time when there's not a lot of love to be seen.”
Greg ~ Veteran Wall Street Trader & Speaker
"I'd heard about this man. I'd read about this man. And I wanted to meet this man."
"When I met him, he was so much more than I could've ever imagined as a human being." 
"He can tell whether you've got a nervous smile, whether you're holding back, or the levels in your voice; it’s just remarkable." 
"The level of professionalism that Jonah brings to the table is just monumental."
"The changes that he makes in people's lives on a daily basis, helping them level up as much as they want to."
Christie ~ Women's Empowerment Coach
“Immediately felt a connection with Jonah.”
“His passion for engaging in connecting with people was really evident.”
“His story is truly inspiring”
“He is 100% committed to serving his clients, and he continues to develop on a personal and professional level, and he brings everything he's got to the table 100% every day.”
Renee ~ International Business Consultant
"Absolutely inspired by Jonah."
"He really knows what he's talking about when it comes to finding love. He specializes in helping business women find true love."
"He has demonstrated by his caring behavior that he really is the real deal when it comes to creating supportive, caring, strong relationships."
Abi ~ Health & Wellness Coach
“As ladies, when we have intimacy and relationship issues, and as crazy people, we talk to our girlfriends! You need to talk to someone like Jonah.”
“He’s a problem solver, but a man with a true heart, a true understanding of intimacy. A man that knows what he's doing.”
“I'm telling you, if you have any issues with intimacy, if you want to understand how to meet the right person, or you want to understand how to have a relationship, that's the man to talk to.”
“I was blown away.”
Ali ~ Hollywood's "Most Loved" Executive Producer
"Jonah came to my seminar, back in 2017, sleeping in his car. And I told everybody in the audience, I said, "Do you know this guy here, him there? That guy, that's the guy to watch out for. That's the success story right there."
"Do you know why? Cause he was there; he showed up. Now Jonah is not living in a car. He has such an incredible business, making tens of thousands a week. "
"Jonah: You show up. The kid is smart. You understand investing in yourself. That's what he's doing." 
"Be around Jonah: When you have people around you who are up leveling up, and leveling up, what happens to you? ... You Uplevel."
Alex ~ Inc 5000 (twice), "The Coach's Coach"
"Over the years, I myself have invested... Wow. Somewhere in the neighborhood of $1,000,000 in personal education, mentoring, masterminds."
"And then, like I said on the today show, when I was being interviewed by Brooke shields, I said, the #1 thing you gotta do, if you want to make progress in this world is hire a mentor. Somebody who can coach you around all of the landmines in your way, and accelerate your progress."
"Because if you're passionate about anything, the problem is that you're going to make so many trial & error mistakes: So many things blow up in your face. So many failures, that you're going to get discouraged, and you're going to lose your will to keep trying before you're going to ever get close to winning the race."
"So what has worked for me, what has worked for many of my clients, and what I sincerely advise from the bottom of my heart, is, if you really, really care about making progress and succeeding on any topic, you've got to hire a mentor."
Clint ~ 7-Figure Entrepreneur, 100+ TV Appearances
"Jonah is a remarkable man."
"I have come to call him Yoda."
"Half the things that he says I have to write down."
"Jonah is a real 'No Bullshit' kind of a guy."
"If he commits to do something for you, he does it."
"A guy who says what he will do, and then does it."
"Talks adoringly about his clients and really cares."
"Big heart, and very serious about what he does."
"I call him Yoda: The Wise One."
"He has so much to teach us."
"Good time, and good money, well spent."
Jay ~ Purpose & Passion Coach
“He is not only an Expert at what he does and supportive person to his colleagues, he is a great friend.”
“He cares so much about his clients and so knowledgeable in what he does and wants his clients to excel. “
“He is a master at what he does.”
“He will help you get the results you are looking for.”
Michelle ~ Certified Female Life Coach
"He is absolutely out of this world. The content and what he has to offer is absolutely so inspiring and something that you can't get anywhere else. He is award winning coach and speaker. I went to one of his events and it literally changed my life. Just hearing the knowledge that he was spitting out into the whole entire room totally transformed everybody's life. And you could totally tell that everybody walked out of that room with a totally different outlook on life and they walked out of that room and seeing how somebody can go from homeless to a seven figure business owner, that's absolutely out of this world."
Nicole - Retreat Coach
"His story really inspired me."
"Him being on stage, his presence, the way that he was just being passionate about what he wants to do in the world: nothing stops this guy from achieving what he wants to achieve."
"His story truly touched my heart, and your story totally sparked that in me. And I love you for that."
"If you have not attended one of his events, I strongly suggest you go. It's amazing."
"He's so genuine, passionate, he's loving, he knows his vision. You can see it in his presence that he truly cares."
"Attend one of his masterminds, or any of his events: you won't regret it. You will have an amazing time with this guy."
Daisy ~ Wellness Coach
Jonah's a master networker. If you get the chance to attend his mastermind: Do it, drop everything, clear your schedule, it is 100% worth it. Jonah has this uncanny ability to foster super-warm, welcoming, and constructive environments where people from all different walks of life can come, and learn from one another. So not only are you taking away the inherent value and learning all these new things, you're also making unbelievable connections with really, really great people."
"Jonah's like a magnet: He has this ability to just draw in these incredibly passionate individuals. Thank you so much for everything that you've done for us."
Nic - Automation Business Consultant
"If you are a coach consultant and gets value around like minded people, definitely check out what he puts together."
Luke - Fitness and Lifestyle Coach
"It really was a tremendous opportunity to not only connect with people locally here in San Diego, but also people that are so extremely passionate and inspired and like-minded. It was really an incredible opportunity to share ideas, but also network and connect with other people that can allow us to take our business to new levels. In just a week's time since I've been to the event, I've really seen a lot of great opportunities come up and some momentum in my business."
Eric - Mind and Body Wellness Coach
" I can not say enough amazing stuff about Jonah. This was such an incredible time. first time meaning Jonah, first time doing a mastermind in San Diego and I was just blown away. The people that he had involved were incredible. I've had so many questions in getting my business to the next level, and he has been such a great person to network with, and to bounce ideas off of, and to be introduced to other people who can help."
Vanessa - Lifestyle & Wellness Coach
"It was a lot of fun, and just a great group of people were brought together. The format was so simple and fun. I got so much value out of it and so many connections and support. I highly, highly recommend, anyone that's wanting to build relationships and connect with people to attend."
Soleiman - Men's Intimacy, Mindset and Sensuality Coach 
"I had the opportunity to go this past week to Jonah's mastermind and in my experience, what was present was connection, community, and just true collaboration. Jonah, thank you so much for this experience, it was encouraging."
Kim - Peak-Performance Transformation Coach
"Jonah is full of compassion and caring that you can tell just from watching a far, he encompasses everyone and he is a master at so many things. He is honestly, I'm the kind of person that will change you. He is the person who can truly change your life. I have to tell ya, Jonah, you are the man. "
Nikki - Certified Health Coach, Nurse, Consultant and Speaker
"I met Jonah through his mastermind that he facilitated a few weeks ago, and it was an absolutely incredible experience. Thank you, Jonah so much for creating such a safe space for entrepreneurs to come together to critically think, to reflect, to really support and empower each other. I loved how professional you are, how succinct and effective, the time, the energy. It was just really a powerful experience that I got some wonderful ideas to take away, and connections as well. It was immensely impactful for me."
Evon - Life Empowerment Coach and Certified Developmental Therapist
"Jonah is focused on giving everybody that he meets the most amount of benefits that he can potentially possibly give. If you ever get a chance to work with him, if you ever get a chance to go to one of his networking events, I would jump on that the first chance you get. You will only understand afterwards just how much benefit your whole life will get from being somewhere near or close to him. I cannot recommend him enough."
Carina - Copywriter and Online Business Strategist
"Jonah is amazing. He has so much incredible value that he gives to people. Just my experience with him specifically has been just, just like amazing, getting a chance to meet him and hear his story where he came from. But at the same time, seeing how he's so willing to help and like he's helped me a number of times and given me so much knowledge and information and stuff that I could take to action in my own business. It's just been incredible and knowing him and just seeing him every time, the way that he steps up, he takes his business to the next level has really encouraged me to look at my own business and level it up to. It's been amazing just being able to work alongside this guy, he has a touch of giving heart and he just serves so fully. So thank you, Jonah. I got a chance to attend his mastermind actually, and it was a great experience connecting with other likeminded entrepreneurs who are going through similar challenges, some of them, but also some that I could really serve and partner up with. It was a great experience to talk to them, to hear what they're doing here, what they're up to, but also share what I'm doing. And we have like a collaborative effort right there. "
Jason - Peak Profit Transformational Coach
"There's something special about [him]. I see greatness in him. The wisdom and knowledge and experience and perspective that Jonah brings to the table speaks measures about how passionate he is about his craft, how much he cares about his client's transformation and really that he's willing to go above and beyond. That's something that I love most about Jonah is when he's in, he's all in. He really shows up in the world in the business world from this place of true commitment. And that is rare. That is very rare in people. So I've had the honor to spend time with Jonah and he is just a pure soul. He is an idea generator. When he sees something that he believes in, he takes it and he runs with it. He is an absolute genius. I have seen him create ripples in the dating world. I have seen him create ripples in the business world. I have seen him create ripples in the speaking world. Anything Jonah touches turns to gold. If you have just one minute with Jonah, I know it will shift you. It will change you. And it will invite you into this realm of possibility because Jonah, he's an incredible human to simply be around. And because everything that he touches turns to gold. When you hang out with him, you turn into gold. I'm telling you right now that that's how I feel when I am in his presence. So if you are someone that's been thinking about hiring Jonah, if you are someone that's been thinking about inviting Jonah to speak on your stage, if you are someone that's just been thinking about, man, I got to talk to him, reach out, hire him, or both, have that conversation. It will be so worth your time, your energy, your resources, because what he brings to the table is unlike no other."
Alexandria - Brand Expert & Speaking Strategist
"He is absolutely amazing. He changed my life and literally he saved my life. It was absolutely amazing. He turned everything around for me, both financially and in relationships. I cannot tell you how thankful I am for Jonah. He's amazing. [In the midst of a very bad divorce] I crossed paths with Jonah, started working with him and it's been completely transformative for my life in so many different ways. He showed me that there are good men out there. There really are. I now have an amazing relationship with a man who adores me. He cherishes me. He treats me with respect. He treats me like a goddess in a healthy way because we all are goddesses. And he recognizes that in me. He builds me up. It's absolutely amazing. I've never felt so loved in my entire life. And I'm so thankful for Jonah for showing me how to open my heart again, how to trust again and where to find amazing men and how to attract them. So I'm so I'm just so excited for you. I hope you work with Jonah because he's been so inspirational in my life. So that leads me to the other thing is the financial aspect is that Jonah has been there 100% to help me with my business. As I pivoted my business in this unprecedented time, as we all say, and wow, we all have to make changes in our life and our business.  He was able to help me redirect things and start doing online coaching instead of in person in-person meetings. I am so happy. It literally, I'm making so much more money than I was before and things are just taking off for me and all aspects of my life, relationships with my son, with my, my finances, everything is just going so well. And I have Jonah to thank for this. It's absolutely amazing."
Dr. Mandi - Doctor, Women's Empowerment Expert
"He's really genuinely there to help others, and network on a bigger scale. I got his invitation; I had no idea how this would work or how he does these things. I signed up, had a beautiful time. Everyone had the chance to say what they are doing, what they're working on, what they need help with. There were really amazing people there, real quality people, which also shows that, I want to be surrounded by those people as well. We can actually help each other with our businesses, and scale it to the next level."
Crystal - CEO of Infinite Activation
"Jonah made me feel so welcome and so connected and went out of his way to make people feel supported. He wants success for everyone around him. My experience of Jonah is he is authentic and he has absolute integrity in everything that he does. Jonah runs the highest level dating coaching program in the country. So if you're in the space where you're ready to start dating, and you're looking for your person, he's your coach for that! I would highly recommend him."
Jillian - Best Selling Author, Speaker, Coach
"He can do any sort of speech. Jonah is the real deal. When he spoke, he did different programs and he was so inspiring. I mean, we were all really touched and then he's a riot. I mean, all of a sudden Jonah's hysterical. He's both, he'll deliver whatever you need. I've seen a lot of speakers and if you want the real deal you want Jonah Lavitt, your planning committee will be so happy with you because Jonah always delivers. I always enjoy it. And you will too." 
Maggie - International Speaker & Diabetes Expert
"What I love about Jonah, we're sitting here talking about business in ground zero for all these start-ups and everything and then Jonah comes up there and he gives a talk about love in relationships at work and how that's really important to have in life. It was just great. It's the second time I've heard Jonah talk and I just love it. I love the guy and he's just a cool dude."
Tim - General Contractor for Celebrities
"He absolutely blew my socks off. He entertained and dazzled the audience. He's an incredibly entertaining and captivating speaker, and he is very passionate about what he does. Jonah is truly remarkable and amazing. I highly recommend him if you need a speaker for your event and you want somebody to wow, your audience, engage and entertain them, he is your guy. Or if you are interested and looking to hire Jonah, I highly recommend him there as well. He is really passionate and cares about people and helping others. I cannot say enough about Jonah Lavitt. He is incredible."
Dana - Relationship Coach & Best-Selling Author
"It was so inspiring to hear him telling his story.  I love how he connected with the audience, with all of us, how he cared about the audiences needs and how he was able to deliver his message in a very fun, entertaining, concise manner. He definitely has a fresh new perspective on the topic and it made me and everyone else in the audience change our views on the topic. There are lots of entertainers and speakers out there, but Jonah Lavitt is the real deal. So book him now because he's going to be one of the most in demand speakers soon, and you're going to regret it. I know we're happy with it, and I will go back anytime to listen to his stories." 
Dr. Dana
"So powerful. He talked about the law of association, powerful topic. It just resonated with me so much because it made me realize that your network is powerful and just the story he was saying, and the points that he was making clear. Look, if you want to work with Jonah, he's the best person to work with. Definitely check him out. It was a wonderful story. Connect with Jonah!"
Manny - Fitness Coach & Inspirational Speaker
"I just love listening to Jonah talk. You know, it's so interesting to hear the male side of an intimate relationship because as a woman, I know what I expect, but I don't always understand what my husband is going through, but Jonah really gives me that perspective. The thing is, Jonah really emphasizes how important it is to support your partner, to be there for her or him. And he shares such value, and such a wonderful perspective of how a relationship really ought to be enjoyed. He really truly is an expert in this field of love. And I really want to emphasize that."
Dr. Joanny - Concussion Expert
"Jonah is impressive. He is a storyteller. He's funny. He cares. He loves you. He connects with your audience and my audience and connects with everybody, heart to heart. He's a connector. He can really change and transform any meeting with his dynamic presence. He's just someone that everyone would love to have as a part of a speaking engagement. Truly, if you want to impress someone, if you want to impress your audience, if you want to really touch the heart of every single one in your audience, Jonah is the one to choose. The man is a gem. He is just someone that I love to be around. I actually would love for him to even coach me more to be even more engaging with my audience. Jonah, [has] my endorsement, and my respect. And I tell each and every one of you listeners, please don't hesitate to choose the best, no matter how much it costs, it's worth it." 
Dr. Dalal - Age Management Medicine Specialist
"Hey Jonah, I appreciate you and wanted to say how cool you are. It was such a blessing meeting you and connecting with you. As they say, "It takes 3 seconds of discernment to know if somebody is going to be a part of your life," right? Can you know, like, and trust them? And of course, you check all of those boxes. Just knowing you, I have such a good time when I get to see you. I love your stories. I mean, there's an energy that you bring, your aura, your own soul flame to light, your knowledge, your insights, all of these things are great, like attributes of character that you possess, and so much fun! So I'm grateful for you. And, I also want to say that you have this dope program that during COVID is the only system that connects people to super high vibe people, without using a dating app, so I think that's amazing too! I just want to let you know, I think you're doing amazing work. I love and support you. And I just want you to know how much or how cool I think you are."
Brittany - Ayurvedic Health Pracitioner
"Life Is All About Creating Meaningful Connections With Like-Minded People." - Jonah Lavitt
A rotating GIF of Client's Kind Words, via Messenger:
Client Retreat!
Client Celebration Video #17:
The Story
Client said she wanted to do Real Estate for the last 9 years, 
but her fears and insecurities stopped her;
In just a few weeks, we teamed up to resolve her fears together,
Yesterday, she told us that she’s finally started doing real estate!
Now, she’s excited to Date the professionals that she meets along her journey!
“Thank you Jonah for helping me get to this point!”

And, some empty space for our selfie!  ^

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