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"One of the World's Top Consultants on Dating and Intimacy"

Award-Winning Connection Expert Jonah Lavitt is an International Best-Selling Author of 8 Books on this topic. He's been a featured speaker at The Harvard Club of Boston, The Harvard Club of New York, NASDAQ, The CNN Center, the New York Academy of Medicine, The Rainbow Room, featured Guest on TV Shows, has over 50 endorsements from other experts, and has upcoming speaking engagements spanning from San Diego to New York City to London, including sharing the stage with fellow celebrities at household-name brand locations and venues.

After overcoming ongoing emotional abuse from his elementary school teacher, and the 8 years of depression and social isolation that followed, Jonah studied the art of building chemistry, and by age 30, personally reached the Top 1% of dating experience in the USA [According to Forbes], and now is an internationally sought-out expert, social strategist, and women's empowerment coach.

Jonah works 1-on-1 with professionals across the USA to help them quickly overcome their unique fears and insecurities, and teaches them shortcuts to easily deserve, find, and intrigue their local city's most influential men, so she can immediately stop settling, understand how men actually choose one woman, and finally build her dream lifestyle with the successful version of her ideal man.
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